Severe Hailstorm Leaves Round Rock Homes with Substantial Damage

Severe Hailstorm Leaves Round Rock Homes with Substantial Damage

On Sunday night, September 24th, a large hail storm swept through the Round Rock area leaving residents’ homes, cars, and facilities, with costly damage.

What: Hail around 1.68 to 2.90 inches in. diameter
When: Sunday, September 24
Where: Round Rock, TX

Last month, KXAN reported on its website that the Round Rock area sustained extensive damage following a large hailstorm. The hail storm hit overnight, and Round Rock residents woke up on Monday morning to damage that included busted and leaking roofs and broken skylights and windows, and more.

If you or a loved one’s home sustained storm damage, here is information that you need to know about the impact that hail can have, safety tips for before and after a large storm, and relief resources in the Round Rock area.

Hail & Damage

Extreme weather can often result in hail, which is a form of ice pellet that can range in size. When hail is around or larger than 1” in diameter, it can cause high levels of damage to your property, home, roof, and belongings. This damage can range from compromised structural integrity of your home to dented roofing and gutters, cracked siding, shattered windows, and ripped screen doors.

Storm Safety Tips

Here are some vital storm safety tips that can help you feel more prepared before a storm and help reduce potential damage to your home.

Before a Storm:

• Clear out any weak branches near your home and roof
• Bring in any outside furniture or decorations
• Move your car to a safe and covered place

During a Storm:

• Stay inside your home
• Keep away from any windows and doors
• Make sure your animals are safe and inside
• Close your curtain windows to create a barrier

After a Storm:

• Inspect your home and roof for any damage
• Safely clear away debris
• Call a roofing professional to inspect your home

Storm Damage Resources

Round Rock has emergency management information where you can find updates on local weather and tips for steps to take before and after various types of storms. Here, you can also find information regarding assessing the types of damage that your home and belongings have sustained. These guides can be useful in alleviating stress during and after an emergency.

Severe Hailstorm Leaves Round Rock Homes with Substantial Damage

Anvil Roofers: Serving the Round Rock Community

The Houston weather can be volatile, and it’s important that you find a local roofing company that you can trust to help you with storm damage repair and restoration.

Anvil Roofers has been providing high-quality and personalized home improvement solutions since 2018. At Anvil Roofers, we are committed to focusing on empowering our customers to make the best decisions for their roofing needs.

If you or a loved one sustained damage from the recent severe weather in Round Rock, schedule a free storm inspection today. Let us help you restore your peace of mind!


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