The Anvil Standard

We stand by our work. 
Our guarantee is longer and better than anyone in the business.

Remove old roof

A good roof replacement starts by removing the old one. While many in the business cut costs by laying new materials over the ancient, cracked, and peeling shingles, stripping it down to the decking results in a much smoother finish, and exposes any rot or damage in the underlying structure. We take care not to trample your flowers, drop nails in your grass, and leave trash all over your yard.

Replace decking
With the shingles gone, we get a good look at the substrate. Often, some decking needs to be replaced. Whereas a disreputable roofer will turn the thumb screws while your shingles are off, we budget for a standard amount of new decking
Ventilation and flashing

Once the roof deck is exposed, we add ventilation where needed and flash around penetrations. Then we prep the valleys with a durable, waterproof membrane (the lazy guys use metal flashing, which gaps and can rust. They might even just leave your old flashing in place!).

Drip edges
Galvanized metal drip edge gets nailed down at all the eaves. This diverts rainwater away from the fascia and walls, protecting the structure of your home.
The underlayment is the truly weather resistant part of the roof, yet it’s where lesser roofers tend to skimp–since you can’t see it. Some guys use cheap felt underlayment (basically thick, greasy paper). We use a synthetic barrier, which costs more but returns dividends for years.
Ridge vent cap
We set caps over all the ridge vents, and cover them with shingles. We also set flashing at all vertical intersections. Anvil makes a point to replace all existing vent cap and shingles–the nominal cost of replacing them results in years of added life and minimized leaks.
Starter shingle

We run the entire perimeter with starter shingle. This is
a heavy-duty adhesive – like the shingles themselves –  with granules, that gives the edges of your roof added protection. We lay our first row of shingles on top of the starter shingle, and run them all the way up the roof, taking care to keep our rows straight and make precise cuts in the valleys.

Roof finishing
We lay rows of heavy duty shingles on all roof faces, taking care to match the nail pattern detailed in the manufacturer’s specifications. A day or several after starting, you’ve got a brand new roof that will last you for decades

Because we invest in better materials, train our installers per manufacturer’s guidelines, and take the time to do the job right, we’re confident in our unprecedented workmanship guarantee.