How Much Does a New Tile Roof Cost in Houston?

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When considering a new tile roofing project, homeowners often ask, “How much does installing a new tile roof cost in Houston?” This article covers the expenses influenced by various factors and highlights how Anvil Roofers, your local Houston roofing experts, can contribute to a successful tile roof installation.





Understanding Tile Roof Costs in Houston

Size Matters

The square footage of your roof is the most significant determinant of price. Roofing is measured in squares (1 square = 100 sq. ft.). To estimate costs, you can generally consider tile roofing to range from $16,000 to $25,000 for a ten-square roof, while a thirty-five-square roof will raise the price to $56,000 to $87,500.

Material Choices

The type of tile you select is also a prime cost component. Clay tiles stand out with their traditional aesthetic and longevity but often carry a higher cost due to their durability and labor-intensive installation. Concrete tiles are a cost-effective alternative that still offers variety in color and style. Metal tiles, known for their resilience and energy efficiency, tend to be more expensive but could lead to savings over time. Lastly, composite tiles balance affordability and durability, with a lower price point than metal and some clay options, without sacrificing too much quality.

Pitch and Height

Tile roof costs in Houston are further influenced by your roof’s pitch (slope) and height. Elevated or steeply pitched roofs necessitate additional safety measures, impacting installation costs.

Roof Layout Complexity

Complex roof designs require increased labor due to precise cutting and installation requirements, which affects the project’s duration and cost.

New vs. Replacement

Consider the nature of your project—a new roof versus a replacement—as demolition and disposal of an old roof can add to your overall expenses.



tile roof cost, tile roof installation



Anvil Roofers: Your Tile Roofing Advocate in Houston

Anvil Roofers brings unparalleled expertise, harmoniously combining professional advice with a personable touch for your roofing needs. With a keen understanding of the nuances involved in tile roof cost considerations in Houston, Anvil Roofers offers transparent, detailed consultations and quality service to ensure your tile roof investment is sound and satisfying.

Our skilled team is adept at navigating the intricate landscape of tile roof installation. We cater to personalized service, offering guidance from material selection to the final touches of installation, ensuring your vision aligns with our execution.


Make An Informed Decision

A new tile roof is an investment that enhances your home’s aesthetic, value, and protection from the elements. Anvil Roofers’ dedication to craftsmanship and client education ensures that we’re not just laying tiles but building trust and shelter.

When you’re ready to take the next step towards durable, stylish roofing, contact your trusted Houston specialists. Anvil Roofers is poised to elevate your home with a resilient and exquisite tile roof. Contact us today to solidify the comforts of your castle under the robust shield of expertly installed roofing tiles.

While costs may fluctuate based on the factors highlighted, investing in a high-quality tile roof with the help of seasoned professionals like Anvil Roofers can provide long-lasting value. For such a crucial component of your home, there are better options than settling for anything less than the best in service and execution. Take advantage of our expertise, and ensure your roof is a testament to meticulous craft, distinctive style, and impenetrable durability. 

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