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Roof Awareness

Your roof is like a cowboy hat for your house. It mostly just sits there, looking nice, but completely unremarkable. It’s not just for show – it also serves a purpose. When the sun beats down, it keeps you shady and cool. When rain falls, it rolls off the edge instead of in your face. Here in Texas, you aren’t going to think much about your roof – or your hat – unless it springs a leak in a rainstorm, or the wind blows it down the street.

Your roof just works...until it doesn’t.
And that’s when things get really out of hand.

Don’t take your roof for granted. It’s your first line of defense against a violent and indifferent Mother Nature, who doesn’t care about your Venetian plaster walls, your photo collage, or your media room. She will rain all over your parade, and your grandmother’s heirloom quilt, too. She’ll start as a trickle, dripping silently, nonchalantly through your attic. She’ll flow silently down the inside of your walls, mustering under the baseboards. And then she’ll grow, and spread, and she’ll infest, swell, and buckle your fancy new wide-plank oak floors, without thinking about it for a second. 

Your roof is the shelter for your shelter, and while it’s always just been there for you, it has needs, too. We at Anvil Roofers are here to help you attend to the needs of your roof.