If you live in Houston, it’s very possible that one or more of the following have happened to your roof recently.

Sun Damage

The harsh, Texas sun is bombarding your roof with photons, cooking, weakening, and eventually compromising the asphaltic compounds in your shingles.

Hail Damage

Hail stones the size of eyeballs are pelting your roof at the rate of 500 strikes per second, blasting craters in your shingles like golf balls hitting a sand trap.

Wind Damage

Gale force winds are blasting your roof at a lateral angle, putting severe uplift on your shingles and peeling them back like scabs on a nine-year-old’s knee.

Animal Damage

Squirrels are gnawing your pipe jacks and playing tag on your roof, digging their sharp little claws into your shingles and kicking up granules with every pounce.

Shingles are tough, but...

…the forces of nature that conspire against them are truly formidable. Sooner or later, they give out, and then you have trouble.

Good thing you have homeowners insurance!

The average insurance company would rather pay for a new roof than a new roof and all the other stuff that got ruined because they didn’t pay for a new roof soon enough.

We at Anvil Roofers are really good at working with insurance companies to protect your home – and their bottom line.

The result? A brand spankin’ new roof on your house, for the wonderfully low cost of your deductible!

Find out if you qualify. Free inspection, no hassle!