Once your roof is in place, it’s immediately forgotten.
...until it fails.

We get it. Roofing seems like a commodity business. There are basically four relevant shingle manufacturers in the world, and their products are all so similar that most people can’t tell them apart sitting side-by side. 

Jobs are almost always bid at market rate. It’s difficult to distinguish companies by either price or specification. Your roof goes on top of the house, and you rarely have to touch it — or even look at it. 

Why We're Different

At Anvil, we believe in doing well by doing good, and that by focusing on what benefits our customers, our customers will keep us around for a long time.

Our reputation is only as
good as our relationships

Our focus on service means you’ll never be in the dark about what’s going on top of your home, when, or how. The materials we use, the logistics we employ, the schedule we follow, and the method by which we install–from our first contact until your new roof is solidly in place, we communicate and deliver.


The good stuff is standard.
So is good work.

We build our careers on installing properly: per best practices, local codes, and manufacturer’s specifications. Our confidence in our workmanship means we can proudly offer an unprecedented guarantee against installer defects, in addition to manufacturer’s coverage on a system-by-system basis.


You have options.
We’re competitive to the core.

We know we aren’t the only outfit in town. You need to make economically-sound decisions, so we make a point to be an economical choice. What we offer is a solid value — nothing you don’t need, don’t want, or don’t understand. Nothing that unduly lines our pockets at your expense. Priced to sell, installed to last.

The Anvil Team


About Brent

  • Enjoys the strategy and logistics of running the business (he literally used to develop pipelines, which are the epitome of strategy and logistics).
  • Organizational style aspires to a combination of Marie Kondo and Jeff Bezos.
  • Served in the Navy, and appropriately still enjoys fishing.
  • Is a Texas native.


About Caleb

  • Our resident subject matter expert concerning all things roofing.
  • Got hustle like Chris Paul.
  • Keener-than-average sense of altruism and general bonhomie for the human race, e.g. he personally likes almost all our customers...even the really difficult ones.
  • Among the most practical people you're likely to meet in life.
  • Got in the roofing business at the very bottom, and figured out that ladders are made for climbing.
  • Is a Texas native.


About Sam

  • Human behavior wonk; geeks out on customer relations maximization.
  • Started out an Anvil employee, earned ownership through hard work and dedication.
  • No conversation too awkward...Sam can chat it up with anyone.
  • Power animal is a dog (think friendly, loyal, easily excitable).
  • Enjoys teaching the young people just starting out.
  • Is a Texas native.